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Bingo Web Sites


Bingo Web Sites - Everyone is familiar with the traditional bingo card, with its 24 numbered spaces and the free space, but there are a number of specialty bingo cards on the market as well. These specialty bingo cards are most often used for educational purposes, such as teaching children math and science. Some bingo cards, designed for young children, will have pictures of animals on them, and they are often used to teach words and language skills to children.

Feel free to download the included software if you want to get started today. We give each new member five dollars to spend wherever and however they see fit--a few dollar cards, perhaps, or a towering stack of the nickel variety. Whatever you choose, we'll be waiting. The next game is about to begin.

Finally, the game reached Atlanta, Georgia in 1929 where it became known as 'beano'. It was played at fairs and carnivals around the country. Each player had some dried beans and a card containing numbered squares - this was divided into three rows and nine columns.

First contact your chat host in the game chat room. If the chat host cannot assist you, then please contact our customer care department 24/7 by either live chat, e-mail (be sure to describe your problem in as much detail as you can, and include your name, AccountName and e-mail address) or telephone (1-866-909-1919 Toll Free from US and Canada).

First, open an account with us by downloading the free Virtual Casino software located on the website home page. Once downloaded, the Virtual Casino logo will appear on your desktop.

Flash is a plug in that expands the capabilities of your web browser, bringing rich multi-media animations, sounds, and fun into your browser with a very small download.

For a listing of our current promotions, please see Current Promotions and Standard Promotional Offer Terms & Conditions for more information and restrictions that may apply.

For example: If you are playing a "postage stamp" pattern, then you must cover four squares in any corner of the bingo card to be able to win that bingo online.

For many years, bingo has been one of the most popular of all leisure activities. In the year of 2003 alone, it is estimated that over one and a half billion people played bingo, nearly as many as attended movies and went bowling combined.

For this purpose the manufacturer of bingo hired a mathematician to create a number of cards that would be available for mass marketing. This partnership created thousands of bingo cards. This however took a toll on the mathematician, who later spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital, since the strain of creating so many cards took a high toll on him. However, we are indebted to him for creating so many bingo cards and has helped make online bingo so popular.

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